What She Really Wants For Xmas - Gift Guide -


It’s that time of year again- and most guys aren’t sure what to get their significant other. I remember my first Valentines Day with my husband- he went to K-mart, spent around $150, and got a bunch of random things I didn’t want. While the gesture was super sweet- he just needed some guidance as to how to spend that money- so this is exactly that-for you guys!


Since I know dudes don’t like to read long paragraphs much- I fully realize you’ve probably scanned the above paragraph. So...let’s get down to business.

What she wants

(geared towards women ages 25-35) 


Let’s face it- most women in this age bracket have little to no time for pampering. When they do have time most of them DON’T WANT those cheap kits from Meijer. They want items that actually work (even if that means they cost more) We have some suggestions of items she will likely love:

•MONAT products 

Does she complain about her hair breaking? It looking bad a lot? Ect. IF you’ve noticed her talking about hair issues this product is for her. Monat has amazing shampoo and conditioner! I love it and so does my hubby! 

How to get it:

https://mrsakallen.mymonat.com/shop/login OR

Find Alyssa on IG to help you find the best products for her!



These are basically the DIY lash extension. They are super affordable- and you can purchase the “Audition Set” for her to try both styles. If you’re not understanding what these are because -hello- girl lingo is a bit confusing lol BASICALLY if she likes wearing makeup but complains she never has time to get ready these are a time-saver and she will LOVE them!

How to get them:



Like we mentioned before MONAT has skincare products, ULTA has them (probably best to grab their gift card) and Gwendolyn’s Botanica is a great LOCAL option.

How to get them:





There are a few vendors that we think are AMAZING and will have products she will love! Candles- Acacia Accents & AV Candle co. (Both small biz and both amazing) As far as decor and signs go we LOVE Pop Klink Fizz and Motor City Creations.  

How to find them: 






We aren’t just saying clothing because we also run a boutique but were saying it because she probably wants some! There are a huge amount of ladies who don’t buy for themselves enough because they are thinking of family first- which is amazing- but she probably still wants clothing! Also- SHOES are a huge want for most women! Locally (to me) is Enchanted Shoes- if you don’t have a local shoe store- of course Target is a great option. BUT if shopping small is an option please do! 

How to find them: 

https://shopelizaandbelle.com/ OR Find us on IG:


https://www.instagram.com/enchantedshoes/ (they are local to the MONROE, MI area)


I think it’s safe to say most women in this age range need a break desperately! If you can plan a little getaway she would LOVE that- my husband found this little glamping option in Ohio I will include below. If something like that isn’t an option- take her to breakfast just the two of you! 

Glamping idea:


I hope you find this guide helpful and have a very blessed holiday with the lady you love! 


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