EVOLUTION & Grateful Hearts



It's safe to say we are the most proud of our last event. We have been focusing so much attention on not just "selling clothes" to our customers but really getting to know them and bringing them a full "E & B" experience thats unique to our brand! If you were at All Things Detroit you probably noticed that we added a "Queens of Cozy" section. We really had a hard time embracing the idea that we loved all things cozy because have always had this idea that we wanted to look fancy and super trendy. WELL YOU KNOW WHAT- our customers want to be super cozy just like us too. Its not that they don't want to dress up and be trendy sometimes too but their (YOUR) main jam seems to be cozy too. This recent realization has us over the moon because you're happy with what were stocking and SO ARE WE!  

We also have been wanting to enhance your experience with us- because we have come to terms with the fact that when we are our truest selves we attract the coolest people around. Offering Bubly and just chatting with you all had us realizing that our brand attracts some of the most amazing humans out there. 

ALL OF THIS TO SAY- our hearts are filled with gratitude for the evolution our brand is making and the people we continue to gain as our "E & B Babes". The customers we are finding stick with us for the long haul are not only BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE but they are challenging & changing the world for the better. We are so honored to be a part of your journey! Life is beautiful since you've joined us. 

P.S. I had to include that quote {up there] you have two choices: Evolve or Repeat. We're so honored to be evolving and growing with you all. Thank you for challenging us to be our best selves and we hope we're out here encouraging you too.

XO Eliza 

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